Acuvue 2 6 Lens Pack - Getspexy
Acuvue 2 6 Lens Pack - Getspexy
Acuvue 2 6 Lens Pack - Getspexy
Acuvue 2 6 Lens Pack - Getspexy
Johnson & Johnson

Acuvue 2 6 Lens Pack

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This is the spherical power in your prescription
Value is next to BC on lens sachet (see image)
6 lens pack i.e. it contains 6 sachets of the same power. Once the sachet is opened, use the lens and discard after 2 weeks. 

Use as guided by your optometrist.

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Products are available in two Base Curves : 8.3 and 8.7. You will find BC on the packaging (refer to the images for guidance). Select the Base Curve based on your last used product.

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Expiry date will be anywhere between 2 years to 4 years from the date of order and not lesser. 


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The time taken to ship a product ordered by Getspexy will vary from product to product. Please understand that if your delivery address is located in a covid containment area then delays are bound to occur and we can not be held responsible for the delay; as containment areas change rapidly and there is no way for us to predict where and when this will occur. 

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Product Delivery Time
Contact Lenses Except Acuvue (J&J) 5-8 Working Days
Biofinity XR Toric : Processing Powers 45-60 days from order date
All Acuvue (J&J) Products 6-8 Working Days
Contact Lens Solution 3-4 Working Days
Spectacle Cases (Without Personalization) 2 Working Days
Spectacle Cases (With Personalization)
4-5 Working Days
Reading Glasses 3 Working Days
Kids Eyewear 3 Working Days
Lens Cleaning Solution & Anti-Fogging Cloth 3 Working Days
Gift Voucher (email) Immediately 



Product Delivery Time
Contact Lenses Except Acuvue (J&J)
5-8 Working Days
Biofinity XR Toric : Processing Powers
45-60 days from order date
All Acuvue (J&J) Products
6-9 Working Days
Contact Lens Solution 5-6 Working Days
Spectacle Cases (Without Personalization) 3 Working Days
Spectacle Cases (With Personalization)
5-6 Working Days
Reading Glasses 4 Working Days
Kids Eyewear 4 Working Days
Lens Cleaning Solution & Anti-Fogging Cloth
4 Working Days
Gift Voucher (email) Immediately 

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